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Hey Caps fans! Your ECHL affiliates, the Reading Royals, Just won the Kelly Cup!!!

give them some love!!!

Casual reminder that we still have a Caps affiliate going strong

Kelly Cup finals start saturday.
Show your support for the Reading Royals!!!

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Don’t you dare quiet down, VC. SHOW THEM WE BELIEVE!

Maybe the game will shift if they have faith that we’re behind them.

Okay. so it’s going to game 7. But we’ll be at home, and I have faith in our game at home. We just need to crowd Verizon, be loud, and show we love our boys.

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We had a really boss draftie in him. Now look what you’ve done. 

I want some neat alert tones

Someone send me links to videos with their favorite one-liners from the following that I can make into tones:

  • Steam Powered Giraffe
  • Washington Capitals players
  • Portal
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Finally in the celebratory Jersey parade.

Slapshot helps Holly up. After both of them fell, of course.

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all i need is a Hershey Bears jersey to rep all 3 o my teams. If i get a Holtby Hershey one and maybe a Neuvy Caps one, I’ll have one of each team that’s goalie love, too!!!

and yes, thats the sketch of Neuvy that Deltastic made me hanging on Perry’s hanger.

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