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Art for behind my father’s bar.

Photos requested by him

(with the exception of Neuvy and Holts. I did those for myself teeheehee)

my favorites are the Brooks Robinson leap, Ray Lewis, the Bump, and Ovi.

All of the pictures have the people as captions if you’re curious.

Gotta make some touches, but the cornhole set my father and I handmade is done!!! touchups and poly will be done tomorrow, and then we move on to making the bags and scoreboard!!!

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My name is Blair, and I EAT the puck…. and expose it’s beautiful red and blue tye-dye-ness.

The blue looks green….but i assure it was blue.

Don’t EVER let me get bored in a kitchen.

This shit happens.

And yeah, it’s hand-piped icing by yours truly so it’s nowhere near perfect.

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"Send him out west. It’ll hurt less not seeing him," the multiple teary-eyed Caps fans whisper as Sasha goes free agent.

Sashawatch ‘12

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girls, with a boy like that it’s serious : John Carlson

girls, with a boy like that it’s serious : Marcus Johansson

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8 Players Down… Who should I do next?

for this: girls, with a boy like that it’s serious 

I plan on doing more Caps players, but I’ll take requests too. :)

My limit is 4 posts a day though so I don’t flood tags tooooo much.

girls, with a boy like that it’s serious : Braden Holtby

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