Game 7 reaction: Well, we played hard. We worked hard. We did great this year.

I love my boys, and I still do. Yeah, I’m sad we lost and are done for the season. But you know what- we forced a game 7. We got to the second round and forced a game 7. And you know what? I’m damn proud. A rookie goalie, long OT games, nights without sleep due to stress. It was worth it to see our boys try and work so hard this post-season.

Next year will be our year.  That’s FOR SURE. 

Yeah, I’m not looking forward to my sociology class on monday with the rangers fan boy that’ll most likely rub it in my face. But I’m just grateful my team beat the odds and got this far when people said they wouldn’t even make the playoffs at all!  

Always a Caps fan. Always proud of my team. I’ll always have their back no matter what.

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