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Loved Ones

The Sash.D - My best friend, like a sister, who I would do anything for. I met Holly through the tumblr hockey community, and quickly realized just how much we had in common before meeting at a Capitals Fanfest event. Through her, I’ve made amazing friends and found amazing things to get into. I don’t know what I’d do without her. <3
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The Blackhawk - Misha/Fire is one of the friends I made through hockey, as well, and now that she’s going to a school 10 minutes from my house max (depending on city traffic), she has become part of my family. Hell, I’ve had her to Thanksgiving dinner. I would drop anything to help her out, and as long as she’s in my state, I’ve got her back. Hell, even when we’re halfway across the country, I do.
Tag: fireglaceon

My Conrad - Renee was the first friend I’ve made out of everone in this list. I met her way back at Otakon where I was cosplaying Hanna Cross, and she was Conrad. Ever since, we’ve been cosplay buddies, and I’ve spent every year’s convention with her. 2014 will mark our first shared hotel experience for Otakon, and I’m stoked. Renee means the world to me. I blame her more than anyone else for getting me into Achievement Hunter.
Tag: Geggs is my X-Ray

Mad King Spine (overseer of the moose, leader of the Sheps, and wearer of the Elsa dress) - John is a little twerp, but I love that kid. After meeting him at Otakon 2013 (the most hilarous “OH MY GOD IT’S A GUY SPINE” moment ever), he and I have the weird friendship of playfighting and cosplay chats. But seriously, he’s a really nice guy and I always love seeing his blog pop on my dash.
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The Steam-Powered Guy-Manuel - My other half in the SPG Otakon “Rabbit Twins” duo, Shan has become a little sis to me, and I will always refer to her as “the little sibling”. I feel like she and I have a lot in common and we’re just a bunch of loonies when together. I love this kid. <3
Tag: Mogar the Baguette.

The Hatchtwerk - Marie is a short stack filled to the brim with sass, adorableness, and skill. Seriously, she is probably one of the coolest people I’ve met through Otakon ever. My trips to visit her end up being some of the most fun times ever, and I wish she lived closer to me so we could spend more time together.
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The Queen - I made two friends through Marie by visiting her for the first time after Otakon. It’s kinda eerie how much Whitney and I have in common, really, and I adore her to the sea and back. She is awesome.
Tag: Queen Whitney

The Hooded Figure - Kenzie is absolutely crazy, and that’s part of why I love her. Her personality just exudes like light from a flame, and you can’t escape it. I laugh more than ever when I’m around her, and that’s a great thing.
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The Magical Girl - LiWa is crazy sweet. The messages she sends me are just so genuine and so darling, I just want to reach through the screen and hug her - and she makes the most beautiful Walter Girl. She truly is a delight.

The Robot - Alicia is one of the sweetest friends I have. She is just so caring and always fun to talk to. That, and she’s always there to listen when I really need someone, and I trust her that much. I’m so glad she goes to my university so I can steal her for lunches and talk about weird stuff.

The Zombie - Ashley is hilarious, and very kind. She’s fun to minecraft with or just talk to. She also has some of the most interesting ideas and is just a delight to be around. I’m really hoping that I keep her around for a long time, because she makes me smile, no matter what kind of day I’m going through. A really great friend. 

The Boner King - I met this wonderful, beautiful person at Otakon, and let me tell you. At first I was too shy about making friends because I thought I wasn’t cool enough. But honestly, they are hilarious, and I will never forget the minecraft night we had with Ashley, because I almost died, I was having so much fun. I still am not cool enough, but am honored to be their friend :)
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The Bryzgalov - Chloe will always be a friend of mine, even if the ammount of time we talk to each other declines. She’s always so spunky when we talk and I really enjoy her little conversations. She also is the reason I made such a good Rabbit at Otakon 2013. it’s all her. <3

The Propmaster - Matt is a supergenius. No seriously. One of the funniest, smartest guys I know, with an incredible knack to make things and restore things and just make the unthinkable. Meeting him through the EDM side of Tumblr was probably one of the best moments, because then Otakon came along and we’ve seen each other each year since. I look forward to summers because it’s Matt time.
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