Blair. Maryland. Music. Rooster Teeth. Video Games. Roller Coasters. Cosplay. Dog lover. Teams: Capitals, Baltimore Orioles, Hershey Bears.
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About the blogger.

Hello, my name is Blair, and I’m from Maryland.

I’m an Education major, formerly Music Education focus in percussion.

I did 6 years of Marching Band Drumline and I consider that the best years of my life.

Check out my family page to get to know my best friends :)


  • Color: Red
  • Month: April
  • Animal: Dogs
  • Movies: Tron (Classic), Goon, Once, anything Python or Mel Brooks.
  • Cartoon: Animaniacs
  • Comic Book Character: Spiderman
  • Sport: Hockey
  • Hockey team: Washington Capitals
  • Baseball team: Baltimore Orioles
  • Accent: Czech
  • Youtubers: Video Games Awesome & Achievement Hunter
  • Summer activity: Roller coasters
  • Collection: my vinyl records
  • Hobby: Cosplay

I love all kinds of music. Some musicians I appreciate more than others are:

  • Ash
  • Deadmau5
  • The Aquabats!
  • 2NE1
  • Silversun Pickups
  • Streetlight Manifesto
  • G-Dragon/Big Bang
  • Gotye
  • Bomb The Music Industry!
  • Janelle Monae
  • Glen Hansard
  • 311
  • Incubus
  • Epik High
  • The Chemical Brothers
  • and most importantly, Daft Punk

Some of my favorite people include: Michal Neuvirth, formerly of the Washington Capitals. (The fact that I had to type formerly makes me cry.), Gavin Free, Lee Chaerin and Tomas Kalnoky.

(The tags linked are relatively new because I finally decided to tag posts of them. Watch them grow over time.)

I’m an amateur cosplayer, and I go to Otakon every summer. I’ve cosplayed Agent Carolina (RvB), Vav (AH), Princess Anna (Frozen), Shiklah (Deadpool), my own Watler Girl (SPG), Rabbit Walter (SPG), an Aquabat!, Hanna Falk Cross, Deadmau5, Aradia Megido, Ramona Flowers, June (from Kablam!), and Hatsune Miku.

But all in all, I will love to get to know any of you!

I leave you with myself in the Verizon Center Capitals locker room and myself with Troy Brouwer: