About the blogger.

Hello, my name is Blair, and I’m from Baltimore.

I’m an Education major, formerly Music Education focus in percussion.

I did 6 years of Marching Band Drumline and I consider that the best years of my life.

Check out my family page to get to know my best friends :)


I love all kinds of music. Some musicians I appreciate more than others are:

My “ideal type” is Michal Neuvirth, formerly of the Washington Capitals. (The fact that I had to type formerly makes me cry.) Possibly also Gavin Free, Lee Chaerin and Tomas Kalnoky, but mostly Neuvy because he’s Neuvy. 

(The tags linked are relatively new because I finally decided to tag posts of them. Watch them grow over time.)

I’m an amateur cosplayer, and I go to Otakon every summer. I’ve cosplayed Rabbit Walter (SPG), an Aquabat!, Hanna Falk Cross, Deadmau5, Aradia Megido, Ramona Flowers, June (from Kablam!), and Hatsune Miku.

But all in all, I will love to get to know any of you!

I leave you with myself in the Verizon Center Capitals locker room and myself with Troy Brouwer: